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Gartner CIO Leadership Forum 2019
Release Time:2019-01-05 | Source:Gartner

18-20 March / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Scaling Digital Leadership. The Continuous Next has arrived. 
Digital transformation has been the CIO mandate for years. But the ContinuousNext is here, and it’s time to build strategies and mold behaviours for a new dynamic. How do you use your digital foundation for business advantage in a world of constant change? Gartner CIO Leadership Forum 2019 will give you the inspiration, leadership skills and strategic ideas you need to shift your priorities and focus on the demands of today’s “new normal.”

Define your CIO leadership
Become a proactive and strategic business partner — shape culture, generate revenue and drive value.

Build a strong network
Connect with 500+ of your CIO peers to collaborate and problem-solve. Build a strong professional network with leaders who understand your most critical priorities

Address your priorities
Get pragmatic next steps that will accelerate implementation and outcomes. Identify and engage intellectual capital and draw on disparate networks of knowledge.