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Release Time:2017-10-07 | Source:IAOP

Skilled professionals who are certified can command greater professional recognition and compensation.  Studies in other fields have found a 20-plus percentage salary differential for certified professionals and 79 percent of executives recruiters believe that certified professionals are better-qualified candidates. Holding the Certified Outsourcing Professional certification benefits individuals by:

Connecting you to an elite group of outsourcing professionals that span across all industries in 27 different countries

Delivering better, more consistent outsourcing results because of a clear understanding of the end-to-end process 

Higher partner satisfaction.  Lower project failure rates, and in turn, cost- and time-savings

Creating a common language between providers, advisors and customers based on the adherence to a professional set of standards 

The ability to identify and make informed decisions about qualified providers (customers) 

Competitive advantage -- building professional capabilities and becoming the service provider of choice (providers) 

Greater respect within the industry 

Improved career opportunities- The ability of a COP to work with a host of levels during planning through to executing strategies distinguishes them since they deploy “proven” standards of excellence, with assured results.

Gaining more respect from the employers, customers and fellow colleagues, they do better in the job market and command higher salaries: A 2004 study by the American Marketing Association found that 79% of 1,300 hiring managers and executive recruiters believe that ‘applicants who belong to professional organizations are higher-quality candidates. Those that belong to such groups tend to have more experience and education.” (“Member of professional association considered higher-quality candidate” The Seattle Times, January 16, 2005 – online); The 2005 Compensation Guide published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that CFEs earned on average 26% more compensation than non-CFEs in comparable positions.

Making you stand out. Companies during the hiring process are beginning to prefer that individuals hold an IAOP designation.

Questions? For more information on earning an IAOP designation, email copprogramservices@iaop.org.