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Release Time:2018-08-08 | Source:The Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency | Author:Phil Fersht | Saurabh Gupta
The rise of RPA is nothing short of spectacular. It has captivated the attention of digital operations executives with the promise of cost-savings beyond labor arbitrage, cost avoidance by extending the life of legacy IT, quicker implementation than traditional IT projects, business-user friendliness, auditability and compliance, straight through processing, and, let’s be honest—terrific marketing!

However, confusion around RPA deployments is rife. There are growing questions about whether RPA can deliver on promised ROI and outcomes. Most RPA initiatives continue to be small and piecemeal. Scaled RPA deployments are rare. The industry is still struggling to solve challenges around the process, change, talent, training, infrastructure, security, and governance. Satisfaction with RPA deployments is middling.

With the mission to demystify this confusion and uncover the truth to successful RPA deployment, we conducted a first of its kind RPA Customer Experience (CX) research to develop the “HFS Top 10 RPA Products” The research is based on interviews over 350 clients and product partners across the ten leading RPA products. It provides a comprehensive assessment of the products on their ability to execute, innovation capability, and voice of the customer.

Note: This is our inaugural Top 10 report that we are sharing with all our readers for free. Enjoy the research!